The Future of Remote Work in Tech

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With the pandemic coming to a steady close, businesses and workers everywhere are contemplating the concept of remote work. Some may be itching to return to the office, while others enjoy the travel from bed to their at-home work desk. But, how about the best of both worlds?

Innovative options for remote work environments

Traction on Demand, a BC-based company, also may have the ideal mix of the two options. These two options are for employees who wish to abandon their sweats and reconnect with the outside world, but not technically in the same office pre-pandemic. The concept is joining forces with businesses such as hotels, bars and cafés in communities where staff are concentrated. In exchange for allowing the company to use a piece of their back offices as workstations when foot traffic is low, Traction will partially cover those partners’ operational costs. This third space will benefit small businesses in the communities while giving the whole business (both employers and employees) the freedom to choose where to be productive.

Big opportunities for small communities

In addition to innovative approaches to work, the pandemic has offered business investors more alternatives for inexpensive buildings and lifestyles by changing where many of us can work.  Traction is actively seeking additional sites in B.C. for this initiative. Areas around Nanaimo and Duncan on Vancouver Island are considered top contenders, thanks to the affordability and flexibility for business operations that they offer.

“We’re seeing a steady migration of our team… moving from major urban centres to smaller communities where there’s affordability…They can leverage the fact that they can do their work from virtually anywhere,” – Greg Malpass, Traction on Demand CEO

Numerous organizations, like Traction, wish to expand to Vancouver Island because of the innovative remote work alternatives and the attractive offer of affordable living and business opportunities.


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Amrit Manhas

Economic Development Officer