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From $126 million water treatment plant projects to new tech opportunities, economic development ventures, and poverty reduction strategies in Comox Valley, everything is designed to raise living standards across the board while also introducing new business and investment opportunities for investors.

The beautiful city, lush green forests, and mesmerizing landscapes of the Comox Valley have always attracted business opportunities in the tourism, healthcare, and real estate industry. Still, recent advancements and initiatives from the entrepreneurs and the government have also brought the tech industry forward.

There are already several companies in the valley. Nonetheless, the evolving technology community across Canada and the economic development opportunities they represent are bringing forth more tech investment opportunities by the day.

Furthermore, the real estate in Vancouver Island is also starting to make way for young adults as they become more affordable. The growing tech market benefits quite extensively from this, as they get to find employees and investors looking for tech opportunities easily.

Because of the growth and prevalence of the technology community in Comox Valley, tech education has also increased, making residents more suitable for tech jobs and long-term careers. This growth in tech employment bodes well for the community and the business and investment opportunities.

The skilled (and dare we say eager) labour has proven to be particularly handy for entrepreneurs as well, let alone medium and large-scale enterprises. This, in turn, means better economic growth and a potentially high ROI for investors to enjoy.


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