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Suav Air adds to the Natural Resources Sector

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The need for environmental services is on the rise as the frequency of forest fires increases and foresters and natural resource industries become more aggressive. SuavAir is looking to tackle the effects of these issues by offering environmental services using tech development essentially improving the overall air quality and living standards in key areas across the globe.

“Our Interior crew was surveying areas near Crater Lake that were replanted after the infamous 2017 ‘Elephant Hill fire.’ It’s incredible how fast life comes back, even in these high-intensity burns. Seeing lots of natural regeneration to compliment the planted trees.” SuavAir, LinkedIn post.

SuavAir is expanding overseas rapidly, offering tech investment opportunities to those looking for tech development and making a marked difference in the world in the process. Based in Campbell River, the company has undertaken several projects mapping for the natural resource industry.

Crater Lake that were re-planted after the infamous 2017 Elephant Hill fire using aerial drone tech development

The company provided an image using their aerial drone on the natural regeneration after the Elephant Hill fire in 2017. It has started to show that the area around Crater Lake, where the fire was most intense, is now greener than ever.

SuavAir was created to provide safer silviculture surveys. Since 2014, they have added post-harvest inspections, incident investigations, visual impact evaluations, residual standing retention, and actual versus anticipated harvest boundaries to their list of services.

It used aerial drones to map the whole area and determined where to focus its environmental services the most. SuavAir has focused on blending its services with a tech environment during the years, and the venture has been extremely successful. Its tech development process is what has beautified Campbell River, making it an extremely appealing investment opportunity.

Canada is in the lead regarding clean technology investments, with the government recently announcing a $55 million as an investment , increasing SuavAir’s potential. Whether the company manages to score said investment or not is an entirely different story.


Visit the Suav Air website to learn more about their business.


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