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After a battered and bruised economy left in the wake of COVID-19, LIFT Startups presents invaluable business opportunities for tech start-ups to get the sort of help they need and boost economic development. This is precisely the sort of initiative the tech industry needs right now to reduce the economic pressure everyone is facing.

“LIFT Startups is a collaborative business and marketing network on Vancouver Island. We’re bringing entrepreneurs together to ‘hustle help,’ and we’re making shift happen! Our podcast will feature interviews with members, visiting speakers, anyone who is interested in helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.”

Serving a wide range of areas, including Campbell River, Comox, Qualicum Beach, Nanaimo, and other communities, LIFT Start-ups’ goal is to create a network of investors and entrepreneurs in the Vancouver Island Corridor Marketplace. By doing so, it aims to facilitate collaboration between tech start-ups, highlight business opportunities, and investment opportunities for members.

The podcast covers how LIFT has performed and what investors and entrepreneurs are looking for to help each other understand the gap between their requirements.

The Lift Startups logo on Apple Podcasts that talks about tech startups on Vancouver Island Corridor

Furthermore, LIFT will host speakers who will give invaluable tips to members about streamlined business processes, investor relations, client management, and more. This will also create more employment opportunities in communities and enable people to live better lives.

LIFT helps investors by helping businesses make sound decisions and implement strategies that lead to sustainable growth.

Startups currently have every opportunity to grow in Canada as a whole because of the countless initiatives from the government and private individuals. For example, in the Campbell River area, besides the assistance provided by LIFT, startups also get to benefit from the Campbell River Area Angel Group, an investment group dedicated to turning the area into a tech hub and therefore driving investment opportunities.


Visit the Lift Startups website to learn more about this collaborative network group.


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