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Cowichan Valley | Starting a Tech Business

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Why you should start your tech business in Cowichan

Numerous digital firms take advantage of the Cowichan region’s proximity to the largest West Coast technology sectors in Vancouver and Victoria. Many also take advantage of the tax incentives offered by British Columbia and the third-largest tech workforce in Canada. Cowichan is presently looking for investment to diversify and balance the economy.

Cowichan has already attracted over 100 tech firms, ranging from fresh start-ups to established businesses such as Relish. Its expanding population and growing positive business friendly climate are driving demand for new and innovative services and goods. Another reason to establish a tech business in Cowichan is Economic Development Cowichan’s tech strategy, which aims to provide support to current firms in the region while also recruiting new development.­

Real Estate

Cowichan Valley provides inexpensive island life! As of July 2013, a single-family residence was assessed for $202,700, alternatively it could be leased for around $1,000 per month. While apartments rent for $567 per month on average, compared to a national average of $672.

Growing Investment Opportunities

The neighborhood has a lot to offer both investors and inhabitants. For many years, forestry, tourism, and industrial/manufacturing have been important economic drivers. If the workforce needs additional qualifications, Vancouver Island’s skill development programs are conveniently accessible such as the Vancouver Island University Cowichan Campus.

In the forestry sector, logging on permitted woodlots, tree farm permits, and private property, as well as heli-logging and log sorting, are all opportunities. Cowichan has expanded its forestry options to include silviculture, the art and science of regulating the establishment, development, composition, health, and quality of forests and woods.

The Cowichan First Nation is looking for investors for a beachfront cafe/culture center and residential development.

Opportunities also exist in the green sector and non-polluting light industries such as renewable energy or agriculture-related businesses such as horticulture.

Tourism contributes significantly to the Cowichan economy, with adventure and ecotourism being the fastest developing sectors. There are also chances for fishing, kayaking, hiking, sightseeing trips and tours, and resort lodging.


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Barry O’Riordan

Manager, Economic Development Cowichan