SEAMOR Offers Fresh News of the Sea (Part 2)

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Despite the current exploratory and remote operational technology, there is a large portion of the ocean’s surface that is yet to be studied and resources yet to be found. SEAMOR Marine Ltd. has always strived to improve its inspection-class underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and the ROI it offers companies. Along the BC West Coast, SEAMOR has always been at the heart of exploration and indeed beyond Canada throughout global waters.

This is Part 2 of our SEAMOR Marine stories series, which discusses the recent news on SEAMOR’s global success, while Part 1 focuses on SEAMOR’s local and national impacts.

Artic Project

In the last couple of years, SEAMOR had a vehicle currently up in the Arctic, with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).

“I know they’re doing some research out there that we can’t share but that fact alone is terrific with scientific research for the DFO.” –Simon Douthwaite, Sales & Marketing Manager of SEAMOR.

Being a massive contributor to innovative research in an area that no human can explore is already an incredible accomplishment for the company.


Last year, they have dispatched their Chinook to Panama to work at a hydro facility. There is a seven-kilometre tunnel between the two dams, and they required a three-kilometre tether to the ROV to inspect the entire length. With only one training session with a SEAMOR consultant from Finland, the Panamanian engineers with no previous experience were able to fly three kilometres of pipe and return on the first try.

“It’s a complicated piece of engineering, but it’s a tribute to how intuitive SEAMORs technologies are to use.” –Douthwaite.

One of SEAMOR's marine technology contraption used in Panama


Sometime in July 2021, the cargo plane Boeing 737 went down in Hawaii. Following the successful rescue of the two pilots by the American Coast Guard, the National Transportation Safety Board utilized SEAMOR’s Chinook to photograph the submerged plane as shown in the image below.

The Chinook ROV will be crucial as the investigation team makes strategies to retrieve the aircraft, as well as its flight data and cockpit voice recorders.

“The Chinook continues to be dependable, fast to mobilize and produces quality data for all of our projects in the Pacific region — from wave energy to the offshore oil and gas, geophysical surveys and marine pollution, and emergency salvage and response,” –Andrew Rocheleau, President at Sea Engineering, Inc.

A Partnership For Better Marine Technology & ROI

DroneQ Robotics from the Netherlands and SEAMOR have recently signed a partnership to expand their aquatic horizons further and usher in a new era of the ROVs. DroneQ Robotics has catered to the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, among other regions, to explore the skies and seas with greener, more efficient, and long-range aerial and underwater ROVs. Any international partnership presents a prime business investment opportunity, especially for those looking to invest in the natural resource, exploration, or tech industry.

SEAMOR’s reliability and versatility from Vancouver Island, combined with DroneQ Robotics’ long-range, unmanned drone, and ROV specialization has the potential of quickly becoming a leader in marine technology on a global scale.

The partnership will focus primarily on offshore energy projects, industry development, and other port services. From a business investment point of view, the joint venture has the potential to see a new generation of drones and underwater ROVs that will fulfill the increasing set of applications and demand.

International Travels for Marine Technology

Even though SEAMOR is based in Nanaimo, their clients are all over the world, and Simon returned on the road this October with their lead engineer ,Chris Parker, to London with the Mako ROV to Ocean Business 2021. They have demonstrated a leading underwater seven-function robotic arm, Bravo, from Blueprint Lab, an Australian-based business, which tracks the operator’s arm, hand, and wrist movement and integrates with SEAMOR’s ROVs.

Keep an eye out for more interesting news and updates on Canada’s top underwater remotely controlled vehicles. See part one here with a focus on local and regional achievements.


Visit the SEAMOR Marine website to learn more about the business and how they’re pioneering the underwater technology world.


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