Parksville Paves the Path for Tech Literacy

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Famed for its stunning coastline and sandy beaches, the oceanside town of Parksville is located on the sheltered east coast of Vancouver Island.

While tourism, healthcare, services, and construction are the primary industries of Parksville. Technology plays an especially vital role in allowing these industries thrive. Such as helping companies with their day-to-day activities and enhancing the consumer experience, especially when consumer expectations have evolved drastically throughout the COVID period.

Parksville is already home to the award-winning Parksville Civic and Technological Centre, with other supporting facilities such as a learning hub dedicated to improving tech literacy. And, based on recent studies the technology sector is likely to continue its recent trend of rapid growth, with immense potential for transformative expansions in the region.

Center for Tech Literacy Education

Oceanside Building Learning Together (OBLT) is a non-profit venture that offers a range of services to residents for free. This includes everything from in-person and online early learning programs for children; to the Technology Learning Centre for adults. Which provides free digital and tech literacy guidance in Parksville by creating a safe space that is “comfortable and conducive to any lingering fears they may have around learning new things related to technology…”

The Pandemic, Parksville and Technology

“The obvious thing, especially now with the COVID-19 situation, is the ability to use technology to keep that [ ] connection going between family members, workmates, or anybody in the community is critically important for people.” – Brian Collicott in the Podcast with PQB News/VI Free Daily.

It is of no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way that people view and use technology. Not satisfied with an already blossoming technology sector in the region. Parksville has taken the extra steps to improve overall digital literary and to ensure that all of its residents are prepared for whatever the future has in store for us.

The city has announced its commitment to fostering a dynamic and competitive business environment in the community that will promote economic growth and sustainability perfect for the technology sector. With a diverse existing economy, a wealth of natural resources, temperate climate, and an unrivalled quality of life. All of this adds up to make Parksville and the surrounding area an attractive place for business investment.


Visit the Oceanside Building Learning Together website to learn more about the initiative.


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Kim Burden

Executive Director, Oceanside Initiatives