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Vancouver Island provides an affordable, youth-friendly, and high-quality of life for tech companies and families to grow: “It is the best climate for growing your ideas.”

The Future of Remote Work in Tech

With the pandemic coming to a steady close, businesses and workers everywhere are contemplating the concept of remote...

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“Life Unleashed” with TRAK Kayaks (Part 3)

TRAK’s business mostly remained undisrupted during and after its relocation thanks to the company’s extensive use...

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“Life Unleashed” with TRAK Kayaks (Part 2)

Originally founded in Alberta at the foothill of the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains, TRAK relocated its...

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“Life Unleashed” with TRAK Kayaks (Part 1)

“Nanaimo was the perfect choice for the new TRAK HQ. This move, both as an organization and for us as a collective of...

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