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As more online businesses choose to market themselves on digital platforms, especially in Port Alberni, where the competition for professional opportunities is extremely high – it is important to focus on delivering what customers are looking for instantly. On average, your online business has 15 seconds to convince the audience that they want what you have to offer. You must have an optimized introduction and portfolio that presents your business offering in a positive, attractive light. Advertising for small businesses and entrepreneurs can be particularly difficult. At the same time, branding can be quite time-consuming since they don’t have a reputation to ensure people stay because of their name. Instead, to create more time focusing in on your business operations and opportunities, you partner with an online photography marketing company.

They help you by:

Telling A Story With Images

Just like cold calling and shouting were used back in the day, you can advertise your business the old-fashioned way or by adding aesthetic value to it through marketing photography.

Instead of trying to sell your product off-the-bat, try telling a story. Chiasson Creative, a global commercial photography company based in Port Alberni, has several talented individuals and over 8 years of experience artistically presenting every story, aiming to make the most impact within the first 15 seconds.

Take a look at their most recent project for NadBrad Designs. It’s a lifestyle and situational image for their apparel line; the campaign was called “NadBrad in the Wild.”

Woman standing before a great big waterfall

The story usually begins by presenting a common problem to hook the audience and later entice them with the business offering.

Using Your Portfolio

Online photography marketing firms may include a carousel or position photographs across the website with or without text, demonstrating not only your expertise but also adding aesthetic appeal to your website. This design strategy attracts clients and makes an impression on possible business investors.

Commercial investors often use your case studies and past operations to determine whether or not the business is worth investing in.

Other techniques include giving your content a unique spin that might not be as prevalent in Port Alberni and keeping it short and valuable.

The technology industry is flourishing and online photography marketing can be an excellent way to capitalize on this development.


For more online photography marketing tips, we recommend getting in touch with Chaisson Creative, learn more, and start climbing the ladder of success!


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