“Life Unleashed” with TRAK Kayaks (Part 3)

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TRAK’s business mostly remained undisrupted during and after its relocation thanks to the company’s extensive use of information technology and remote working for daily operations. We have already discussed the ideological, personal and technology considerations behind relocation and expansion in Part 1 and Part 2. The third and final consideration that tipped the scales comes down to business.

Affordability and Transportation to Major Cities on the Pacific Northwest

TRAK saw the unique advantage of Nanaimo’s role as one of the major transportation hubs on Vancouver Island. Serviced by daily ferries, domestic and international flights, as well as high quality highways. The province’s capital Victoria and largest city Vancouver, as well as Washington State’s Seattle across the border can all be reached within a couple hours of travel time. The move to Nanaimo “just made sense”.

This all comes at a fraction of the costs required to operate (and live) in these major metropolitans of the Pacific Northwest while still being close to both them and the natural beauty of the region. With favourable tax laws even in comparison to Vancouver, which is already within top 10 in North America for ease of paying taxes. As well as lower property prices and cost of living compared to all major cities in the area.

Proximity to Asia Pacific

TRAK’s manufacturing facilities are based in the Philippines. This relocation to the West Coast of Canada now allows for more frequent visits between its headquarters and manufacturing site. Meaning that even time sensitive matters that must be dealt with in person can be taken care of with ease. Not only that, but the company is also now on solid grounds to expand to even more parts of the world to build its global network of customers in the future. All of these a result of the network of world-class transportation systems in the region.

Visit the TRAK website to learn more about the company.


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