“Life Unleashed” with TRAK Kayaks (Part 2)

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Originally founded in Alberta at the foothill of the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains, TRAK relocated its headquarters to Nanaimo on the east coast of the Vancouver Island Corridor in early 2021. This is Part 2 of 3 in our story series about TRAK Kayaks, with a focus on considerations for technology. Read more about the ideological, personal and business considerations behind this move in Part 1 and Part 3.

Utilization of Technology

Unlike many traditional kayak manufacturers, TRAK has made heavy use of information technology and digital solutions since its founding. This includes significant investment in digital marketing and analytics monitoring for targeting improvements on the retail front. The company also operates without the reliance on distributors, instead leaning on its online store, brand ambassadors and coaches for kayaking tours around the world, as well as word-of-mouth for much of its sales.

Connectivity to the World

With TRAK’s manufacturing being based overseas and its kayaks being foldable and shippable in a small package by nature. The company had a unique advantage to have an onsite location for its tours and camps around the Pacific Northwest, while being able to take advantage of Nanaimo’s world-class communications and transportation connectivity to the world.

Building the Brand from the Vancouver Island Corridor

As mentioned, TRAK relies on word-of-mouth of the kayaking community for a good portion of its brand recognition. This is where TRAK’s efforts outside of direct marketing come into play. The company operates a range of Skills Camps, Tours, Online Tutorials and other 1-on-1 Programs around the world, available for anyone with an interest in the sport.

TRAK employs a network of professional coaches and ambassadors for these activities, offering them for audiences of all skill levels to kayaking. Without having to be an owner of a single piece of TRAK product prior, participants are introduced to the company’s kayaks and the sport at the same time. Not with a sales pitch but with real world experience of using the product.

Locations for TRAK’s tours include Norway, Greenland and Mexico, among others. Vancouver Island is the site for its Pacific Rim Skills Camp, intended for veterans of the sport. All of these not only work towards building TRAK’s brand by real-life demonstrations of its products, but also in solidifying TRAK’s position as an industry expert in the kayaking community.

Having an on-site location on the Vancouver Island Corridor, the Mecca of the sport, only further reinforces this persona.


Visit the TRAK website to learn more about the company.


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