“Life Unleashed” with TRAK Kayaks (Part 1)

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“Nanaimo was the perfect choice for the new TRAK HQ. This move, both as an organization and for us as a collective of individuals, is a lifetime event.”

It is not uncommon for a business to incorporate a work-life balance mandate of sorts into their policies. But for one to build a business and make key decisions around this as a core principle is definitely a rare sight. TRAK has been manufacturing portable performance kayaks since 2006. The company has since diversified its offerings to include kayak camps, tours, training and established a global presence in the field through the use of information technology.

Originally founded in Alberta at the foothill of the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains, TRAK relocated its headquarters to Nanaimo on the east coast of Vancouver Island in early 2021.

“The team led the move. Much of our team works remotely and over the years, a number of them and their families made the move to Vancouver Island for its natural beauty, which also happens to be around some of the best waters for kayaking in the world.

So when the opportunity presented itself for us to relocate our offices, it just made sense for us to follow the team to Nanaimo. The new TRAK HQ Campus is more than our daily workspace – it will function now as a launchpad for paddling experiences all over Vancouver Island.” – Hans Trupp, TRAK Director of Development

Work-Life Balance

With TRAK’s strong emphasis on work-life balance. It’s natural that almost all of the company’s team share a passion for the work that they do, i.e. kayaking. The company’s total distributed model for operations also means that much of the TRAK team works remotely, allowing for incredible flexibility in where the company’s staff can work from.

As a result, a number of the team had already moved to the Vancouver Island Corridor with their families (even before the company’s relocation), precisely for the world-famous waters for kayaking as well as the safe environment reflected by low crime rates. Especially for those with children.

Closer to the Customers

With in-person kayaking tours and lessons being a core part of TRAK’s business. Having an office located near the sites for these activities also brings TRAK’s audiences and customers closer. This is particularly important for businesses like TRAK that build their success on close connections with their customers.

Vancouver Island Corridor – Access to Water

What is truly unique is that TRAK operates on the belief that water is the embodiment of “vitality”, the element that eliminates friction. The company even has a web series that discusses the connection between water and wellness within. With each episode having guests unpack the many dimensions of water and how it impacts human health and biology, and the health of the planet.

And thus, all of the above led to this move on a more personal and ideological level. Read more about the technology and business considerations behind this business relocation and expansion in Part 2 and Part 3, stay tuned.


Visit the TRAK website to learn more about the company.


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