InWater Tech – 2021 in review

InWater Tech | Their Drive to Save the World


As the world’s overall water quality reduces because of sewage and industrial waste dumping, InWater Tech is taking a crucial step in the right direction to control dissolved oxygen levels and improve marine life, as well as ours. Using Point4 technology, the company reduces the risk to marine life in the sea during transport.

InWater has been working with a slew of other companies for over 30 years to make a difference in the world. Their Point4 technology integration to different water quality monitoring and control systems has played a major role in helping us consider the impact of our activities on marine life.


It is only recently that the founders came together to form the revolutionary manufacturing company. By year-end 2020, InWater was still in the startup phase and looking for ways to scale operations. According to the owners, they had no idea how quickly they would have to scale and how many people shared their passion for improving marine life and overall water quality.

Kurt Lang training operators on a custom live fish transport system.

Demand surpassed their expectation, and 2021 has been nothing short of ‘magical’ for the company. The owners had to readjust their strategy as they settled in the world of manufacturing and cleantech. 2021 marks the third year of InWater’s incorporation and the year they finally managed to find their footing.

As 2021 comes to an end, the team is ready to grow in size and scale. The year ended with a splendid company BBQ, letting everyone unwind and celebrate the company’s achievements.

The Point4 Technology

InWater has always focused on using Point4 Technology to implement its vision of the world. It managed to take over Point4Systems inc. in 2020 to improve its water quality monitoring and control line. During the year, they established a manufacturing plant in Vancouver Island.

As manufacturing continues, the owners have continued their focus on research and development, creating newer ways of improving water quality and marine life. An example of their innovative initiatives includes InMotion, a system that helps maintain the improved quality of life for fish during transport. InMotion controls the dissolved oxygen levels in the water, even in enclosed cases, avoiding suffocation and reduced activity from the fish.

Kurt Lang working on InWater Technology products

InWater is targeting not only Canada’s West Coast but the entire world with its smart and dependable equipment for industries that rely on water.
These include;

  1. Systems integration
  2. Water monitoring, alert, and product activation systems
  3. Transport system water quality improvement solutions
  4. Automatic improvement of marine life in the open seas, ponds, lakes, and even water tanks.

The company is growing steadily and presents a viable investment opportunity in Campbell River.


Visit InWater Tech to learn more about their business.


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