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Input Logic | Software Company in Nanaimo


Input Logic is dedicated to changing the local tech environment in Nanaimo along with its sister company – Cowork. What started as a blogging platform is growing rapidly thanks to its unique approach to software development, geared mostly towards other startups and new brands.

Nanaimo has seen considerable growth in its tech sector thanks to the numerous incentives to new startups. Input Logic isn’t just a software development company, but it also has the Input Cowork under its hat. Cowork is the only tech-and-design focused co-working space in Nanaimo.

It has a 5,000 square foot building downtown which gets quite a lot of traffic, pushing Nanaimo’s tech industry further and inadvertently, inviting more business and investment opportunities to the city.

Looking at 2020

According to the Managing Director of Cowork and CEO of Input Logic, the company wanted to expand by hiring more talent from Canada and introducing itself to the community via events and challenges.

The DPC UI/UX Challenge with InputLogic

Input Logic managed to do exactly what it intended by H2 of 2020, and by year-end, it managed to expand Cowork’s meeting rooms and footprint.

A Peek at 2021

2021 started as a growth year for the company and Nanaimo as a whole. The company focused on young entrepreneurs, sponsoring their goals and providing them with increased opportunities in the mid-island region.

The entrepreneurship program and the company’s drive came from the company’s startup as it found roots via the Venture Acceleration Program (VAP). Now, as it continues to offer the same opportunities to others, Input Logic is welcoming investments for tech startups.

Nanaimo itself has presented countless tech investment opportunities for investors, which Input Logic is further looking to expand in the coming years.

Visit InputLogic’s website to learn more about their business.

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